Bathroom Basics

After all that coffee you had in the kitchen, you've probably visited the bathroom once or twice already since you began this chapter; let's head there now once again and see what you can find to draw here. Even this most utilitarian of rooms will surprise you with its potential drawing subjects.

What's on your bathroom counter? Half-empty bottles of lotion, empty cans of mousse, open mascara tubes, and broken lipsticks ... or a pretty arrangement of seashells in a basket? A razor, nail clipper, dirty towel, and soap scum? Whichever way, there's something there for you to draw. Sure, the seashells in the basket will make for a more visually pleasing drawing, but the detritus will make for an unusual one that may be visually striking in its own right. Pretty is as pretty does, after all, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Don't toss those empty bottles—draw them instead! Or draw those seashells in their basket. Any arrangement in your bathroom can be the makings for a drawing.

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