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The Art of Drawing

Detail and texture are added information, more or less on the surface. Detail may have more to do with the refined shapes in your objects, while texture may be critical to really explaining what you see on your objects. But the simple shapes come as spaces first. Until you can draw them simultaneously and see line, shape, space, and form, all of them together, you won't truly be drawing.

Additional elements that define objects as you are seeing and drawing them are surface detail and texture. Some detail is actually part of an object, structurally or proportionally, but other detail is more on the surface. Texture is an element that is primarily on the surface and follows the shapes and contours of an object.

Sometimes, the pattern of detail or texture can make it hard to see or distinguish tonal values that make the object have volume, so it can be better to get the shapes first, the volume, light and shadow next, and save the surface detail and texture for last.

When you can see and draw an arrangement and balance the various elements, you can really begin to draw anything you want, any way you want.

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