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^ New materials ^ New techniques

^ Seeing detail and texture as information ^ Seeing the wealth of detail in nature ^ Balancing all the elements of a drawing

After having arranged all things about me in proper order, it is only then that my hand and my mind respond to one another and move about with perfect freedom.

—A Sung Dynasty Artist, explaining his method

Congratulations! You have moved from early simple contour line drawings that correctly reflect the shapes and spaces in an arrangement into the realm of tone, value, light, and shadow.

As you try more complicated, finished drawings, you can experiment with new materials, too. Your first work was mostly in the form of exercises. Now, take the time with these more involved pieces to sample some new, heavier paper or a new drawing tool.

Artists are junkies for supplies. Many have a lifelong habit—we collect them, organize them, play with them, and hoard them. Alternately, we talk about them, share them, and exchange ideas about them. Whether it's paper or drawing tools, half the fun of being an artist is the "stuff." In this chapter, we're going to share some of that fun with you.

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Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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