At the Finish Line Again

As you draw, see the botanical detail and the biological detail in your objects from nature. Consider the following:

Think visually, mostly of shape and the relationship of the details to each other. Draw the detail as you see it.

Continue to balance your drawing in line, tone, and texture.

The Art of Drawing

The balance of line, shape, space, form, volume, tone, texture, and God's own detail is ultimately completely personal. No one can tell you what you like and how you should work or what you should go after. Even we can only suggest what you might still need to work on to be able to express yourself in drawing without hesitation.

You may prefer a heavily tonal drawing with less detail or you may love the line aspect and not care about a heavily toned drawing. Experiment and find a balance that is challenging but personal. Look back frequently at your composition to see if you are capturing the essence that you were intending.

The finish line is of your own making.

You decide where the finish line is!

How To Become A Professional Pencil Drawing Artist

How To Become A Professional Pencil Drawing Artist

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