Antique Lampsand Antique Things

Lisa's husband teases that she will never have enough antique lamps, and, while Lisa disagrees and insists that she bought the last one this past weekend, finding antique lamps to draw will not be a problem if you're at Lisa's house.

Antiques—whether lamps, tables, or even Underwood typewriters—are terrific drawing subjects for a number of reasons. They're unusual (you won't find them at every Wal-Mart), they're attractive, and they usually have enough visual interest to carry off a drawing all by themselves, without adding a thing. Lamps, candles, and the warm glow they give off, provide interesting challenges to the careful observer.

Light up a drawing by including an antique lamp or candlesticks.

The Art of Drawing

Try for unusual mixes, things that might not typically be put together. The arrangement may really surprise you. Consider humor or at least whimsy as you look for things and arrangements. The world is too serious, so have some fun as you draw.

How To Become A Professional Pencil Drawing Artist

How To Become A Professional Pencil Drawing Artist

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