View Through Your Viewfinder Frame

In Chapter 5, "Finding the View," you were first introduced to the viewfinder frame. Just for practice, why not get out your viewfinder frame again?

1. Decide on something to draw. You can keep it simple.

2. Position yourself, your drawing materials in front of you, and the object out in front of you at an angle (45 degrees) where you can see your whole subject.

3. Pick a viewfinder frame that surrounds the subject quite closely on all sides.

4. Draw a proportionally equal rectangle on your paper.

5. Reposition the viewfinder frame until your subject is nicely framed within the window and spend some time really seeing your subject through it.

6. Close one eye and do the following:

Back to the Drawing Board

Observe the diagonals and center marks on the viewfinder frame.

See where your subject fits against the sides of the frame.

Back to the Drawing Board

Use your viewfinder frame to know where a particular piece of your subject belongs. Be sure to draw only what you can see in the frame, and nothing else.

See where your subject touches the floor or table. See where its top is. Look at the angles.

7. Begin to draw your subject on your paper in the same place as you see it in the frame.

8. Using an imaginary vertical line, check all the angles you've drawn to see how they stack up.

9. Add details, as you can really see them and relate them to what you have drawn. Take your time.

Using the viewfinder frame.

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