View Through the Viewfinder

Pick a frame that is close to the proportion of your chosen object (a tall, thin one for a stepladder or a more square one for a wide rocker with arms). Adjust yourself so the chair (or whatever) almost fills the frame.

Measure and draw (lightly) the center lines and the proportionally equal box from your frame, using the diagonals extended out from the frame to establish the diagonals on the paper.

Then draw the box, any size along the diagonal that you want, which will be in proportion with the frame.

Your plastic picture plane can come in handy here. Make sure that the grid matches the proportions of the viewfinder frame, or draw a new grid to the same proportions. You can use the plastic picture plane to check yourself as you work.

Back to the Drawing Board

It is our concepts and memories of things—our habits and our modes of perception (basically the realm of the left side of our brains)—that make seeing and drawing seem difficult.

Artist's Sketchbook

A parallelogram is a geometric shape having four sides. Each pair of opposite sides is parallel and equidistant to each other.

Draw the spaces between your chair and the edges of the frame and all the spaces within the chair itself—a study in relativity. You'll see.

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