Tangle of Textures Vines and Grasses

Vines and underbrush are great fun to draw; you can get as lost in the drawing as you can get out in the underbrush itself. Pick a place that has a lot of complexity, but some kind of structural device that frames or limits the tangle.

A stone wall or some large branches can work well to frame a mess of underbrush. A trellis or arch will support a massive vine, and you'll get an interesting contrast between the curves of the vines and the architecture of the trellis. Follow these tips when drawing this type of foliage:

Draw the vines or the tangle lightly at first.

Start seeing the overlaps of branches and the twining of vines as you draw them.

Use tone to emphasize where one branch goes over or under another.

Work in some flowers when you can. They are set off by the underbrush nicely.

Play with the tones of the background. This will greatly help to set off and define the complexity of the tangle.

You can squint or blur your vision as you work on the background. You will see the beginnings of shapes behind shapes that you can define into more tangle in the background. How far you go is up to you.

Wrap a few vines around your drawing pencil.

Grass is a lovely addition, but it needs to move like grass, not look like a rug. Think about direction, gesture, and texture.

Grass is as individual as any landscape feature.

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