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Through the years, students have asked what inspired me to paint a certain picture, or what kind of pencil I use for drawing. My answer is, "It is a thousand-hour pencil." In other words, the secret is not the pencil ... it is the work, the devotion and the love of drawing.

If you will give me your time, I will show how you can also create beautiful drawings. This book is designed to break down the inhibitions and limitations you may have encountered while drawing outdoors by teaching you how to interpret what you see.

Art starts with the business of seeing. Nature inspires you with her beauty, but unfortunately does not paint the picture. You, as an artist, must take the elements nature presents to you and interpret them in the light of your own feelings to create your drawing or painting.

Through step-by-step demonstrations, I will show you how to uncover the drama taking place around you — how to approach the subject with confidence, using charcoal and pencil techniques as well as some other special techniques. I will show how your paper becomes an integral part of your picture, as you plan —and improvise — your drawing to capture the mood of the moment. This, and much more, will enable you to discover and enjoy the pleasure of drawing nature outdoors.

Japanese Nature Drawings

Remnants II, 22" x 31", charcoal on Japanese (Misumi) paper.

Remnants II, 22" x 31", charcoal on Japanese (Misumi) paper.



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How To Become A Professional Pencil Drawing Artist

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