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For the light dusting of snow in drawing A, I used a 2B graphite pencil to sketch an outline of the tree trunk and limb. A light pencil line indicates the upper edge of the snow. The shading of the trunk and limbs was done with a 6B graphite pencil worked up to the snow line. A few darks were added under the snow to indicate thickness and add to the impression that the snow is lying on top of the bark. To intensify the feeling of light snow, a small amount of snow was left at the crotch of the foreshortened limb for balance and interest. The paper chosen for this drawing was Rives BFK, which has very little tooth to the surface, giving me the texture I desired.

Drawing B was worked on a piece of Arches Ingres paper, a laid paper that I specifically chose for its textured surface. I dragged a 4B charcoal pencil with a flattened lead across the surface to give the appearance of light snow covering the ground. Showing some grass and spots of snow-cov-cred ground creates an interesting pattern. The dark, wooded background is kept simple so as not to distract. The snowflakes were induced with a bristle brush and white gouache water-based paint. Be careful not to overdo this process. A few spatters tell the story.

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