Stratocumulus clouds cruise in the lower atmosphere. These globular masses or rolls of clouds are layered one over the other. They resemble chunks of soft cotton but are gray with dark bottoms. The clouds may be arranged in groups, lines or wave-like masses; the layers may be thick or thin. A thick layer will be made up of rolls of large, dark clouds or rounded masses that resemble waves.

Nuage NoirCloud Formation Sketch

Preliminary Sketch

After trying numerous thumbnails, this is the composition that I developed.

I used a 6B pencil for the cloud shapes and rubbed it around with a tissue and stomp. The mountains were suggested with a dark wash and aqua pencil, with no water.

Step 1

Next I resketch a more accurate picture of the cloud shapes and the outline of the mountain. With a 6B graphite pencil, I lay in values. The top of the sky is kept light to hold the shapes of the clouds. I continue this tone to the bottom of the cloud formation, leaving white paper for the clouds. Then I add more tone to the lower part of the clouds.

Drawings Stratocumulus

Step 2

Start blending tones with a felt stomp, facial tissue or cotton swab. I do not recommend the use of fingers because the oil from your skin can prevent smooth layering of the graphite.

Use a kneaded eraser to remove graphite and to shape the clouds. If you find that you need some more darks, add tone with your pencil and blend it with your stomp as before. Finally, add some darks to the mountain range.

Mountain Range Pencil Drawing

Step 3

See how the shapes have changed by manipulating the white areas with the kneaded eraser? Soften the tops of the clouds, and every so often come back with a little touch of dark on the top of the clouds. This will give the clouds more definition. The important things to remember about stratocumulus clouds are the soft fluffy tops and the flatter, darker bottoms.

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