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Did you ever take a walk in the woods when suddenly you were confronted, in the middle of nowhere, with a stone wall? More than likely, long ago, that woods was a farmer's field, and the wall was made from the stones some person accumulated while working that field. When the last glacier retreated, it left a bountiful gift —tons of stones that seem to grow out of the ground after each

This sketch shows a well-constructed wall. With a water-soluble graphite pencil, first I made an outline sketch with a few indications of character, such as roughness and cracks. Then 1 took a wet brush (not soaking) and lightly painted the rocks with water to dissolve the pencil residue into a gray wash. (To make corrections, blot with a tissue or come back with clean water to remove areas you wish to change. Do not cover all the stones; leave some light areas.) After it dried a little, I worked back into the areas with pencil, emphasizing some darks between the stones and adding more texture for the grass.

Here, I added interest to an ordinary landscape by including a stone wall in the composition. The wall is kept relatively simple except for variations in the values, which give the rocks shape and individuality. These value changes also call attention to the wall and help guide the viewer through the picture. An HB and a 4B charcoal pencil were used on a piece of 4-ply museum board. With the sharpened 4B pencil, I sketched the picture with the values lighter than what I visualized for the finished piece. I then took a soft brush dipped in water and wiped it lightly over the charcoal.

When this dried, I added darker values and details with the HB pencil, making sure not to obliterate all the grays I had just created.

winter. To get rid of these stones, farmers removed them from their fields and sometimes used them to make stone fences and markers.

One type of wall consists of stones arranged haphazardly, one on top of another. Another type is as straight and sturdy as the day it was built. These stones were laid in an orderly fashion so that they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. The weight of the stones on top kept the bottom stones locked into place. A stone wall properly built will outlive many other constructions.

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