Forest Sketches

Pines can add a feeling of tranquillity to a landscape, and pines without needles can express great drama. Pines can also add a sense of beauty and interest to your work by the way you express the various shapes —tall, short, full, sparse —and the beautiful patina and irregular designs of the branches and trunks without needles. Pines will grow close to one another, interweaving their limbs and branches, whereas other trees will bend away from anything growing close.

The drawing (right) shows a fir. Firs grow wider and fuller and into a conical shape, making them very attractive around Christmas. Remember to strive for a sense of reality. Be aware of the shapes. They do not have to be botani-cally accurate but should be artistically pleasing. Later on, if you desire, you can increase your knowledge and make trees as bo-tanically accurate as you wish.

The drawing (below right) depicts a group of spruce; in the background is a forest of pines. On the left, I let light appear through the branches, which gives the appearance of a sparse forest. On the right, I filled in the trees with tone, not letting the light in, to create a denser-looking woods.

The large drawing (opposite page) is a white pine, a very graceful tree often found by itself in the fields and meadows. I used HB, 2B and 6B charcoal pencils on Fabriano Ingres paper.

Forest Sketch

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