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Value refers to the range of lights and darks your pencil can produce, from a dark black to a light gray and all the shades in between. Experiment with various types of pencils to discover what values they produce. Observe which lead will give you the richest black, and which a nice gray. You don't have to memorize everything a particular pencil will accomplish: Just get a good working sense of the range of pencil values.

Pencil Sketches Nature Pencil Sketches Nature

These values were created by the following pencils:

A. Carpenter's pencil, 4B lead

B. '/4-inch graphite lead, no. 2, in a mechanical pencil

C. Woodless pencil, 6B

D. Mechanical pencil, 2H lead

E. Wood encased graphite pencil, H

F. Water-soluble pencil, very soft

Pencil Sketches Everything Nice

Row A is a 2B graphite pencil. Row B is a 2H graphite pencil. Notice the difference in richness.

Column A is graphite. Column B is charcoal. Even though they are the same pencil numbers, notice the slight difference in the values.

Graphite Values

Winter Woods

Graphite pencil.

This drawing was created using one pencil, an ebony jet-black graphite pencil, which enabled me to hold my values fairly close, giving the impression of a densely wooded area.

Drawing Nature Pencil Shading

Autumn Trees

7VVx5>/2" Charcoal on Strathmore Alexis.

Autumn Trees

7VVx5>/2" Charcoal on Strathmore Alexis.

In this drawing, I used several different charcoal pencils to capture the many values of autumn colors. I used HB general charcoal for the lightest trees, B charcoal for the darker foliage, and 2B for the smaller trees without foliage. Last, I used a 4B for the darkest bare-branched maple.

Pencil Drawings Nature

Yesterday, SVi"x 8", carbon pencil on Whatman paper.

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