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Up to this point, we have been discussing the many elements that go into composing a landscape. Now we begin to put it all together with a look at some landscapes done with various drawing materials on a variety of papers and surfaces. For example, the drawing at left was rendered with several hard- and soft-leaded graphite pencils, which, when combined with the textured-surface paper, lent a richness of tone and texture. These examples are not the last word on landscapes. There are no formulas. What I am trying to do here is stimulate your thinking. Take what you've learned, add to it, and improve upon it.

How Pencil Draw Landscape Fields


Preliminary Sketch

The barn and background were indicated in a scribbly manner with the flat edge and side edge of a carpenter's pencil. I then shifted to an HB graphite pcncil and added the students sketching in the field.

Step 1

With an HB graphite pencil, I reworked the drawing to improve details and simplify the figures. I moved one figure, eliminated a sitting figure, and added one more standing figure —subtle changes that add more interest. Notice that the outline is kept light, making changes easy to carry out.

Pencil Drawing Nature

Step 2

With a carpenter's pencil (for the barn siding), B and 2B graphite pencils, I started adding tone to the elements to determine how the values would work next to one another. Some of the background trees were brought to a degree of completion to help set the proper values for the buildings. With a carpenter's pencil thinned down on the sides with a sand block, the barn siding was finished with strokes made from top to bottom.

The grass was worked with an HB pencil and finished with a B pencil for emphasis in the dark areas. The figures on the left were finished to see how they would fit into the overall picture.

Drawing Nature

Step 3

Liking the looks of the two figures, I finished the remaining figures and added some accents to the foreground grass to properly set the figures into the grass. A word of caution when inserting figures in a landscape: Keep them simple unless they are the center of interest.

Hudson River Workshop, 47/s" X 71A", graphite pencils on Whatman printmak-ing paper, matte finish.

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