Decide On A Format

Deciding on a format is not difficult. More often than not, the landscape or subject will dictate a horizontal or vertical format to you. Try the standard sizes, like 9" X 12" or 12" X 16", or get creative and try a 16" X 6" vertical. Start by taking your newsprint pad and making thumbnail sketches. Try various formats; you don't have to decide on your first sketch. Most likely one sketch or idea will lead to another. Then decide on the most pleasing format and develop your landscape to the format you have selected.

Horizontal Format

I was drawn to the horizontal format to depict this array of trees and bushes because of the way they were growing. I used my thumbnail sketches and viewfinder to help me make a selection.

Vertical Format Within the above grouping of trees, I found an interesting composition for a vertical format. I cut a vertical opening out of a piece of bond paper, then placed it over the horizontal drawing, moving it about till I came up with this pleasing vertical sketch.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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