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Cross-hatching is a technique that uses a series of parallel lines running in different directions. Box A of the illustrations shows the starting process. Note that all the diagonal lines are parallel to each other. Box B shows the addition of vertical lines. Notice that with just the vertical set of lines added, the value has deepened. The lower-right corner is made darker by increasing the pressure at the bottom of some of the strokes. With the addition of more diagonal and horizontal lines, the box continually becomes darker till you reach the value you desire.

Cross-hatching is a process more suited to pen and ink because of the many fine lines, but with planning and patience, it can be done with a graphite pencil.

Boxes E and F show examples of cross-hatching methods. The drawing below, done with an HB general graphite pencil, demonstrates the cross-hatching technique.

Draws Hatching And Cross Hatching
Pines, 5Vz"xS", graphite pencil on 2-ply Strathmore.

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