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To present trees in your drawings that have a reasonable resemblance to the type of trees you wish to portray, you must study the characteristics of the various trees you come into contact with.

If you squint your eyes while looking at a tree, you will see a pattern of darks and lights, as illustrated in Sketch A. All trees have a pattern to their foliage; it's different for each tree, but it's a definite pattern.

Drawing B illustrates an oak tree in which the main trunk usually grows straight and supports many heavy branches coming from the sides. Another outstanding characteristic of oaks is the way the lower branches distinctly face downward.

Drawing C shows a young Cottonwood tree, definitely not a heavyweight like our oak friend. This type of tree has one main shoot with thin branches growing out from the sides.

Drawing D has an ash silhouetted against some pines. This is a good way to make a light tree come forward and to give your drawing depth.

Drawing E shows a locust tree, one of the family of trees that has a main trunk that splits into several large branches. This is only a partial drawing of the locust. I created the gray tone using a stomp, then I came back with a charcoal pencil for a different effect.

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