Thigh And Leg Masses

as accurately here as elsewhere. In the trunk the case is the opposite ; the facts of the front follow as a corollary to those of the back. The joining up of the two systems, that of the back and that of the front, is elegantly effected by the forward-sloping forms of the external and internal obliques (and the transversalis) and by the special shapes of the gluteus medius and the tensor fasciae femoris, all of which gather round the forward-sloping iliac crest or haunch-bone. The accompanying sketch may aid in showing this, though for a full representation of the facts a clay model would really be necessary in order completely to trace the sequence of forms from back to front over the body. In short, it must be noticed how the forms in the region of the waist can be caressed round and forward and downward from the spinal column just above the sacral triangle over the obliques, and the iliac crest forward into the depression between the thigh and the stomach. This sweeping movement must be felt to exist, however rigidly we oppose geometrically styled mass to m^ss.

The arrangement of the masses at the back and sides of the thighs may be conveniently studied in the annexed Leonardo drawings (Figs. 86, 87, 88, and 89) which hardly need any explanation, unless it' be to remark on the tense quality of the drawing showing the pull on the tendons, especially at the back of the knee. In order to render such quality one must feel it keenly ; almost move the pen or pencil over the paper with difficulty as if struggling against a real force. The effort should almost tire the draughtsman, so much must all his energy be concentrated on rendering another display of energy external to him. The way in which the biceps cruris mass descends to find that of the gastrocnemius is particularly clear (Fig. 86, right-hand drawing) ; and it should be noticed how the internal profile of the muscular mass becomes the

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