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The Flow State Training program is a fitness guide by Wilson Meloncelli. The program aims to help people hack into their optimum state of performance, regardless of their profession, skills or sport. According to the author of the program, Flow State Training can be used by anyone who wants to try a different profession that they have always dreamed of. It doesn't matter you are male or female, white-collar or blue-collar, scientist or teacher. The important thing is the desire in your heart and mind to be the best at whatsoever you are doing. The benefits of the program include a 200% boost in creativity, 500% productivity improvement, 490% increased learning speed, eliminate anxiety and achieve fearlessness. Flow State Training comes in different sections: The Superhuman Code, Master the Superhuman Code, Elite Flow Program, The 9 Components of Meditation, The Instant-Flow Meditation, Flow State Wall Charts, and finally The Flow State Manual. The product bonuses include 7 video tutorials on Flow State, Instant-Flow Quick Guide, Flow Chain Tutorials, and Movement Meditation. The program is designed to ensure you have everything needed to hack into the flow and unleash your optimal performance. It is scientifically proven you can achieve anything when you are in the state of flow. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

The author has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

Purchasing this book was one of the best decisions I have made, since it is worth every penny I invested on it. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

Meditation Mastery Secrets

Meditation Mastery Secrets has been made accessible to users for a tiny investment that can be easily affordable. Meditation Mastery Secrets are available in E-books and audio formats which are made very affordable. You don't have to wait for shipment and more. You are just a click away from yours. Meditation and Mastery Secrets is divided into 9 courses and made less time consuming, that you can take less than 15 minutes out of your time every day in order to tap from this greatness. Everything you need when using meditation mastery Secrets includes the following: Meditation Mastery secrets E-Book, Meditation Mastery Secrets Audio Book, Meditation Mastery bundle, Deep relaxation Mastery,Mindset Transformation system and Success Mastery. Meditation Mastery secrets is published in E-Book-format rather than a printed book because the writer wants to save expenses that will be comefrom both sides, from the buyer and the seller while Meditation Mastery Secrets (Audio Book) is in audio format because some people aren't visual learners, they need to hear the thing in orderto master them. Continue reading...

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Deep Zen Meditation By Holothink

Deep Zen meditation can help you to accomplish a deep state of meditation and all the associated benefits. For many men and women, life is busy and that means spending a lot of time frustrated, anxious, and overwhelmed. However, studies indicate that those who enter into meditation on a regular basis are healthier, able to accomplish more and live a more peaceful, successful life. Learning Zen meditation can take years, but there are programs, such as the Holothink Deep Zen program that can help you to enter into a deep level of meditation easily and much more effectively. Continue reading...

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Drawing attention to states of consciousness

For example, most people are aware that they occasionally slip from ordinary waking consciousness into the slightly altered state of daydreaming. As another example, people often say that reading takes them out of themselves. And other kinds of activities which apparently produce a shift in consciousness state are meditation, jogging, needlework, typing, listening to music, and, of course, drawing itself.

Leonardo And Chiaroscuro

Under its true aspect such a drawing as that drawn by Euphronios and reproduced on p. 89, without at least sketching in the mind-cast which dictated its making, and the differences which exist between such a mind-cast and that of England. But perhaps it will be better to leave these pages a little incomplete in this respect and to refer the reader, whom the subject may interest, to the fuller treatment of it in Relation in Art while I content myself here by asking him to meditate on these words from The Works and Days of Hesiod They know not, unhappy ones, by how much the half is preferable to the whole, and what riches lie in the mallow and the asphodel.

Euphronios And Rembrandt

What strikes us at once in the drawing is the graded contrast of light and dark, the transparent shadowed air behind the figure, the dimly-discerned artist sitting at work, the discretion of northern light that falls softly from the window. There is seclusion, invitation to meditate, especially on the psychology of the individual, expressed throughout the page. With the Euphronios all is otherwise. Here is no mystery. The shapes of things are clearly stated just as they are evident in the searching light of the south where misty and mysterious off-shadings of form are rare and negligible. The black hair and beards of the men combine with the dark lines of the decoration to form a decorative design in the first instance, a design helped out by the thin arabesque of the figure outlines. But this is meagre matter for a work of art. Had Euphronios stopped here and employed the slightly eloquent line of Rembrandt in drawing the figures, how little we should be inclined to...

Courtyards Cloisters and Quiet Corners

Several of the buildings featured here were found in the southern Mediterranean, while one or two were found much closer to home. Common to all of them is the nature of the purpose for which they were built - to provide open-air spaces for some reason, usually concerned with relaxation or meditation. Courtyards and cloisters have also traditionally been secluded places where people could meet and conduct their affairs, be they spiritual or personal. Tranquillity and privacy, away from the prying eyes of the public, have always been important characteristics of these types of building.

Primitives And Causality

The greater number perhaps of the designs might almost pass for having a Chinese origin. What can this signify, this common use of a ' curved formula 5 in such marked opposition with the Grasco-European straight tendency Can we set up as an axiom that the straight line corresponds with the logico-scientific thought and the specially flexed curve, which we find here and in China, with the tendency to people the seen world with unseen things, with the Feng-shui, with the omnipresent spirits of ancestors, with ' participation ' beliefs, with all that so divides the mentalities in question from ours I should be inclined to be wary of such an enticingly simple supposition yet it may be worth meditating upon. At the same time we should remember how very different from the Chinese is that other curved-line companion of the philosophies of the Indian religions.

Zen and Drawing

Zen in drawing is actually what this is all about, getting to a meditative, intuitive place (the right side) and letting go all the disturbance (Old Lefty) in order to just be, see, and draw. A Zen way of life incorporates everything from meditation to ordered simplicity in order to better appreciate the interconnectedness of all things. It follows, then, that a Zen way of drawing might be one simple line which points in a surprising new direction.

Meditation For Peace

Meditation For Peace

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