the scale known, the centre-lines obtained will enable the various parts to be drawn. In like manner, supposing the front elevation correctly drawn to scale given, also a rough sketch of ground-plan, with sizes, divide the length of front into two parts, and draw a line g at right angles to the ground-line. Draw any line parallel to the ground-line, at any distance below the elevation; this will form the back line of wall. Produce g to f ; this will form the centre-line of the houses. Next bisect the breadth-line of doors in the points a, u, v, and r; and from these points, parallel to gf, draw lines to a,b and e; next divide the windows hm, no in the points 1,2, and draw as before lines to c, d. From the points thus given, if the pupil has carefully attended to the foregoing lessons, he will have no difficulty in drawing the various parts accurately. In the plan here given b and e are the principal doors, n the lobby, k the stairs to bedrooms, h the living-room, l the kitchen, m the scullery, p the back entrance.

In the work on Practical Geometry we have amply illustrated the method of reducing irregular figures by means of squares; to thai; work, therefore, as introductory to the present, we refer the reader for information ; we here content ourselves with giving, in

Example 50, fig. 50, an architectural subject, having a series of squares

luui 11; r

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