and ab at right, angles to it. The position of the entablature with reference to Hhe column will be seen in fig. 61. In the present figuxe the position is reversed. Maike bc, the lowest 'fascia,* equal 12£ parts in height and 22\ m widtih from ffoe central line bd to a. The upper 1 fascia' ce is 17 parts in height and 24 in width; the 1 fillet' ef is 5 parts in height and in projection; Uhe height of the 1 frieze' fg is 20 parts, and its projection 22J; the first moulding in the cornice gn, the cavetto, equal in height, and projection gh equal 24. Make the fillet equal and its projection no equal 32; make the quarter-round from » top equal 9, and its projection ps equal 52J; make pt equal 40, and join ot; make the 1 corona' pv equal 10 in height, and the 1 fillet' above it equal 2; its projection equal 54£. Put in the ' cyma recta' to a?, equal 10 parts, the last fillet equal and its projection equal 66.

Example 67, fig. 67, shews the elevation of the ' Doric column,' with 1 pedestal' ab, be the 1 base,' cd the *■shaft,' df the ' coital,' and/e the ' en-

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