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this parallel to dd; from o measure to pp; these points are the centres of the circles. From a measure torn; draw a line as before, and measure to 8. From in measure to t,t, and draw lines to 1,2; put in the thickness of the wall mf.

Example 28. To draw the 'buffs cgt in fig. 28. Bisect ee in d,ff in d, and from these draw lines intersecting at a. On the board draw lines corresponding to these. From cr, with ah as radius, describe the circle ah. From a measure on the four radial lines to dd, from d measure to s, e, &c.; join ede. From the points where the circle a A cuts these lines, measure from Atom; join /to; do this at all the radial lines. From a, with as as radius, describe the parts of a circle joining the key-stones, as tt, &c. From a, with a A, describe in like manner a circle, as mo. From a measure to c, c, and from c to b; from a, with radius ab, describe parts of a circle, joining both ends of the lines c,c; finish as in the sketch.

Example 29. To draw the bracket of a cornice in fig. 29. Let aa be the line of wall; from a draw ab perpendicular to a a. Measure from b to c, and draw be. Measure from a to the point 5, and draw from it a short line

—£Lv perpendicular to a a, as in the diagram. From ab measure to 2, and from a a to 1; from these draw indefinite lines, as in the drawing. Measure from 5 to e. Measure from the line be to the point 3. By trial find the centre of the circle ce in the copy, and transfer it.

Example 30. To draw another form of bracket-cornice. Draw a line ab, put in the part ad 1. Draw cd parallel to ab. From a measure to ft, and from d to c. By drawing a line exactly through these points, the angle of the line of roof ecb will be obtained. From c measure to e; by trial find in the copy the centre from which the curve ed is described; with the radius thus found, from the points d and e on the board, describe arcs cutting in 77i; with same distance still in the compasses, from this point describe a curve joining de. From d and e measure to h, and put the other curves in as shewn.

Example 31. To draw the window in fig. 31. Draw two lines aft, cd at right angles to one another, intersecting in the point c. Measure from c to a and ft, and also to d; through d draw a line ede parallel to a ft; measure from d to e, e; join ae} be. Measure from c fi 31

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