and from b to b'b'; join tftf to b'b' by lines at right angles to tfg. From c measure to dc ; join Vxf. From d, with dd as radius, describe a semicircle ddd; by lines parallel to cb join dd with the line cV.

Example 4, fig. 4. Draw on the board two lines corresponding to ab, hh in the copy. From the point of intersection c measure to ab, and hh; * through ab parallel to hh draw lines h'h', h'i; through hh parallel to ab draw lines meeting those in the points h'ti, h'i. From c with eg put in the circle; from c measure to e, e. From these points, with e'e as radius, describe the circles, and also the interior ones, as ef.

Example 5, fig. 5. Draw on the board lines aft, cc at right angles, intersecting at e, corresponding to those in the copy. From e measure to a

rJ f | j /


9' 9

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