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Example 156, fig. 158, is end elevation. We give this in full, as one side is different from the other. The half back elevation is given in

Example 157, fig. 159. The transverse section is taken across the plan. The right-hand half of this is given in

Example 158, fig. 160; the left-hand half in

Example 159, fig. 161. The same letters of reference apply to both drawings. The pupil should make this section in one complete drawing. We have only shewn one part up to the roof-line, the other without ┬┐he chimney-shaft, but shewing the roof-timbers. The pupil should be able to put in the whole from the other drawings.

Example 160, fig. 162, is half plan of roof, shewing timbers. The .other half, shewing the slated surface and position of flues, is given in

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