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and ft; from these points draw lines parallel to cc, make them of the same length as ft'ft, ¿¿. From e measure to cc; join cef, cV. The radius of the circle in the centre is eg.

Example 6, fig. 6. Draw lines corresponding to bde, hh in the copy. From a measure to d; put in this, from ¿as a centre, the circles d!d! and eV. From g measure to h, h, and parallel to bd from these draw lines touching the circle. From g measure to g1 and f; from these points measure to o'cf; through o'o' draw lines parallel to hh and to bd.

Example 7, fig. 7, represents a set of what are termed 1 speed pulleys' (see Mechanic8 and Mechanism). Draw any two lines corresponding to aft,

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