The Basics Of Drawing

Concentrate on drawing the ellipses correctly rather than addina fine


Practise drawing a range of objects so that you learn to describe a variety of ellipses of different depths and widt-s

Intersecting ellipses

To recreate the roundness of an object you need to imagine two ellipses, one horizontal, one vertical. The teapot, for example, is made up of a flattened circle for its basic form and then intersected at right angles by a second ellipse. The problem with drawing an object such as this teapot is its opaque nature,

Multiple ellipses

A complicated object such as this cocktail shaker, whose sides curve in and out, should be constructed of several foreshortened ellipses at different angles and in varying sizes.

Obscured ellipses

Each ellipse has been fully drawn in this sketch of two opaque objects - even though in reality the back of the plate is obscured by the bowl. Once the subject has been accurately drawn, this line can be erased.

Practise drawing a range of objects so that you learn to describe a variety of ellipses of different depths and widt-s

Still life

Arrange an interesting collection of objects when you feel confident enough to draw several items together. If you want to draw imaginary ellipses through opaque objects, you may need to rub them out when you have finished drawing to give each object a better sense of solidity.

so you have to imagine the progression of the second ellipse through the back of the object and judge how foreshortened it actually is. This skill becomes easier the more you practise. Check your eye level and if necessary, draw a faint guideline across the sketch to signify the angle from which you draw so that you create the right shapes.

Concentrate on drawing the ellipses correctly rather than addina fine


Use faint guidelines to. establish the centre of the drawing and the angle at which additional features should align.

Linear Drawing a line is the most basic form of representation in drawing J~\yet the power and versatility that can be had with the drawn line means that it has a wide range of descriptive possibilities. Linear drawing is essentially a technique that uses line as the main vehicle of expression rather than the depth of colour. Lines can be drawn with great spontaneity or they can be eloquent, economical, even decorative. Shadows 'i and highlights can also be suggested with heavy or x| r ' * sensitive lines. A good line

■ I drawing will convey explicitly to the viewer what the artist '4 n . * wants to express or describe.

Charcoal study

The soft, fluid lines of this charcoal drawing suitably capture the expression and the suppleness of this young child. Lines on the child's hair and dress are economically applied to suggest texture while other areas are weighted with thick line to give a sense of depth.

emphasize the illusion of solidity and weight or to clarify delicate details and touches with lightly drawn lines. Experiment with different media until you find one that suits your style.

The descriptive power of line

The drawn line can be very adaptable, providing the artist with a vast vocabulary when drawing. Strong, straight lines can be bold and dramatic, sensitive lines may evoke moods and atmosphere or convey lyrical qualities, and curved fluid lines can describe elegant contours. Once you have decided what you want to draw, choose the most suitable materials to either

Brush drawing

This canal scene is deftly developed with simple brushmarks. Notice the variation in strength and tone between the bold strokes on the poles and the gentle ripples of water.

Watercolor Pictures Power Lines Poles

Technical pen sketch

You can create dear, well-defined lines with a technical pen. Here the figures are loosely sketched to capture the spontaneity of the scene. There is a roughness to the lines that [

evokes a sense of immediacy. /vi

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