The surrounding vegetation is merely suggested, rather than described in detail.

Trees in the foreground are used as identifiable landmarks and give a sense of perspective to the drawing.

Simple tones of colour on the buildings evoke the sensation of bright sunshine hitting the village at an angle.

Mediterranean Hillside

The paper used for this drawing was quite absorbent, so that every mark made with the sable brush was linear and decisive, reinforcing the simplicity of the initial pencil drawing. The repeated watercolour marks also help to give the sensation of a large expanse of hillside stretching out around the small village.

The surrounding vegetation is merely suggested, rather than described in detail.

James Horton


4B leca pencil

Drawings Natural Forms

gallery of Natural Forms & Landscapes

Drawing natural forms has often brought artist and scientist together. Many of Leonardo's drawings, for example, work equally well as drawings from life and as detailed scientific studies. Until the advent of photography in the mid-nineteenth century, drawing was used to illustrate all manner of different subjects - resulting in a combination of images that were beautiful to look at and filled with relevant information. Drawing is all about the way we perceive the world around us, which is perhaps why artists turn so readily to landscapes and natural objects as a source of inspiration. Some interesting landscapes contain not only natural features; man-made buildings in a landscape can often strike a balance with the natural forms around them so that they seem to be subsumed into the environment.

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