Author's acknowledgements

James Horton would like to thank all the artists who have contributed to this book, especially those who entrusted their drawings into my safekeeping. Thanks also to the photographers at the DK studio whose helpfulness and cheerful nature made every photo session a happy occasion. Particular thanks to Steve Gorton whose patience and professional skill made sure that the location shoot in Tuscany was successful. Thanks also to everyone at DK who worked on the book.

Picture crédits

Key: r=top, 6=bottom, c=ccntre, Meft, r=right, o/iv=artworks. RAAL= Royal Academy of Arts Library

Endpapers: Jane Gifford; p2: John Ward. RA. RAAL: pp 6/7: a/w James Horton; p8: i Pontormo, Uflizi. Florence/Ikona: b Holbein, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden; p 8/9: c Canaletto, Courtauld Institute Galleries; p9: l Breughel, Hamburger Kunsthalle; b Rembrandt, Albertina Graphische Sannlung; plO: t Constable, Victoria and Albert Museum/ Bridgeman Art Library; c Delacroix, Louvre, Paris/ Réunion des Musées Nationaux; pli: ! Degas, Tate Gallery, London; 6/Van Gogh, Gift of Miss Edith Wetmore. 1960-232-1, Courtesy of Cooper-Hewitt, National Museum of Design, Smithsonian institution/Art Resource, NY: br Spencer, by courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery, London, © Estate of Stanley Spencer 1994 all rights reserved DACS; pI2: Fouquet. New York Metropolitan Museum/ Visual Arts Library; p20:a/w James Horton; p22: t Karen Raney; b Cézanne. Kunsthaus Zurich; p23: ! John Ward. RA, RAAL; b Jane Stanton; p26: t Rembrandt. The British Museum; b Karen Raney; p27: t Kay Gallwey. b Percy Horton; p28: r

Jason Bowyer: cl Percy Horton; br Neale Worley; p29: ir William Wood; b Neale Worley; p31: a/w Neale Worley; pp32/33: all James Horton; p34: tr Sue Sareen; c Neale Worley; b Richard Bell; p36: it Norman Blarney, RA; br James Horton; p37: all Sharon Finmark; p40: Michelangelo, Graphische Sammlung Albertina. Vienna; b Thomas Newbolt; p41: I Paul Lewin; 6 Donald Hamilton Fräser. RA, RAAL; p42: all James Horton; p 44: a/w James Horton; p48:t Thomas Newbolt; b Jon Harris: p48/49: Boudin. Marmotton Museum/Dorling Kindersley; p49: tr Jane Stanton: c I Anne-Marie Butlin: p54: b Richard Bell: p54/55 Van Dyck. The British Museum; p55:! Percy Horton: 6 Paul Lewin; p56: a/w James Horton; pp 58/59: all Neale Worley: p60: tl Karen Raney; rest William Wood: p62: t! a/w Richard Bell; p64: i Rubens, The British Museum: b Sue Sareen: p65: i Diana Armfield, RA; b Norman Blarney. RA: p66: a/w James Horton; p68: t John Ward. RA; rest James Horton; p70: bl James Horton.

Dorling Kindersley would like to thank: Kuth Kendall for her help and Steve Gorton and his excess baggage for helping to make the Italian photo shoot possible.

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