Hue Describes the actual colour of an object or substance as it would appear on the colour wheel.

Lifting out Modifying colour and creating highlights by taking colour off the paper using an eraser or sponge.

Linear perspective The method of representing a three-dimensional object on a two-dimensional surface. Linear perspective makes objects appear smaller as they get farther away by means of a geometric system of measurement.

Modelling Describing the form of a solid object using solid shading or linear marks.

Monochromatic Drawn or painted in shades of one colour.

Not or cold-pressed paper Paper with a fine grain or semi-rough surface.

Oak gall ink Ink made by crushing and boiling oak galls. The galls are formed by parasitic insects living off oak trees and tend to appear in Autumn.

Oil pastel Pastel bound by oil as opposed to gum. The oil gives this type of pastel a slight transparency and a strong adherence to the support. It comes in a less extensive range than soft pastels.

Rough or cold-pressed .-.

rough surface.

Sable Mink tail hair use: -: watercolour brushes.

Sgraffito A technique -a scalpel or sharp knire paint is scraped off the p a. ~ -Often used for textura'. e::a :

Shading Usually refers:: of shadow are represent: and is invariably linked v :

Sight size The measure—-:, distant object as you see :: transferred exactly to the p:

Silverpoint A method c: a:_ a fine piece of silver is cragga piece of prepared paper: Ir watercolour provides a mar :. which the tiny particles of -: .

Soft pastel The origins", a: common form of pastel. The -of gum used in their manu:a::. a very soft texture.

Stippling A method of drav.a tiny dots of colour are appi'.a together to create an area c:

Opaque colour See Body colour.

Optical mix When a colour is arrived at by the visual effect of overlaying or abutting distinct colours, rather than by physically mixing them on a palette.

Plum line

Pencil study

I. The texture of the pap a

:.■:—. capers - as opposed to Or: ae standard grades of suria:. : e.r.i-rough (cold pressed : : ::h (hot-pressed or HP).

7;; - v:: al pen A relatively rece r. -.: r. in which the tip of the p -i .nflexible and designed :: . .:ent width of line regardie: - are placed on it.

fE ~.-.e degree of light reflectec

• r.'.~:\der Two L-shaped pieces :: : ~ a framing device. This is l. . " arm's length and the scene :: :

v>'-j:-: a layer of colour, often uniform — .zz iied across the paper with a : ~

■ • :olour A quick-drying pair.: ~ : : _r.d pigments and a water-s: -: _ ~.edium such as gum arabic. T -: *ti .s characterized by its tuminoskj

•V ?^s:st The process by which wax :.-.: are used to protect areas of the • rer. •.vatercolour paint is applied

•'■'a :■:-;- aiercolour paper is measured ::unds per ream) or gsm (grams :. a re metre). It comes in a large range

— :r.:: although the standard machine--aae :r.es are 901b (190 gsm), 140 lb (300

_:: '.b (356 gsm) and 300 lb (638 gsir. : .aer papers, 260 lb and over. .; - aa not need stretching.

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