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Drawing v- j

Drawing well is all about how you perceive the world around you and interpret it into your own personaI vision.

The best approach

As adults we see the world in a very different way to that of children. The stumbling block for many of us is that with a more mature perspective we have a much greater sense of what we think is correct and what is incorrect (although this is often widely misunderstood) and this can often create inhibitions. There is, however, nothing intrinsically mysterious about the mechanics of drawing and anyone can learn to draw if they adopt the best approach. Just as with any other subject you might tackle, practice is essential to achieve good results.

As children we have all drawn or painted, yet the older we become, the more we seem JL jl. to ignore the significance of drawing as a vital source of communication and pleasure. Drawing is still one of the best ways to convey information directly, despite the increasing prevalence of photography. Scientists, and in particular archaeologists, actually prefer to draw many items because a detailed drawing can be more precise and informative than a photograph, since it involves a process of selection. Most natural history field guides rely on detailed drawings and paintings for identification purposes.

Interpreting what you see

Ultimately drawing has far more to do with learning to see perceptively than acquiring consummate skill with your hand. The quality of what you draw on paper all stems from your imagination and the way you choose to interpret what you see. Look discerningly at objects, consolidating all the information you see, to give your drawings a freshness and individuality. Don't be afraid either to repeat lines or marks until a drawing

Drawing well is all about how you perceive the world around you and interpret it into your own personaI vision.

looks right; one of the great misconceptions about the process of drawing is that people try to erase what they think is a mistake, believing that it will spoil the finished result. On the contrary, every mark you make reflects the progression of your drawing and often adds to its interest and vitality.


Drawing is perhaps the most direct of the arts, with an immediacy that allows you to record instantly what you see, and to draw from life can be both stimulating and rewarding. Anyone who gains satisfaction from solving crossword puzzles is likely to become absorbed by the practice of drawing; of discovering how to create, for example, perspective in a landscape or how to foreshorten a reclining figure. Curiously enough, some of the best drawings are those where an artist has struggled to resolve the most problematic aspects of a composition to achieve a tangible image.

Familiar materials

Many of the materials covered in this book have been available to artists for hundreds of years, so the equipment we use today is similar to that used by the Renaissance artists five hundred years ago. Drawing with a piece of charcoal on paper still involves exactly the same process for us as it did for them. I find it reassuring that the basic pleasures and benefits of drawing will always remain despite the burgeoning of modern technology and the sophisticated equipment that is available to us nowadays.

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