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Welcome to the beginning of the book. The style of drawing featured here is based on popular Japanese styles of manga and its animated form, anime. Perhaps that is why you picked up this book. These days this art is everywhere—on television, in theaters and in many video games. But remember that manga and anime are not so much styles as they are a genre, and my style is offered as merely one among many within the genre.

If you can draw a circle and some lines, then I will show you how to use them. If you can't, there are books on how to draw circles and lines out there. I remember we had one in kindergarten. I hated it. Whenever the teacher passed it out, I would hide under the table.

I wrote this book so that others could learn to draw like I do, and when I have created enough clones I will be able to take over the art industry and later the world. Uhh... no, actually, that's not it. Although these pages give step-by-step insight into my own drawing techniques, you shouldn't feel as though your drawings have to mimic mine exactly. I can, however, give you a place to start on your way to developing your own style, or if you already have a preferred drawing style, I can offer you another to compare with. You can never be too versatile. So come out from under the table, and we can create some art together.

Manga Drawings

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Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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  • harry
    How to draw anime body 3/4 view?
    9 years ago

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