Human Body Cartoon

Start with the head. It's not nec-I essary to render it fully at this I point. Bring the neck down to the shoulders. As a guide, it is useful to sketch a line across the shoulders where the right and left clavicle would be. This gives you a sense of direction for the rib cage; draw that next.

2 Place a small circle at the end of each shoulder. These will approximate the shape of the deltoid muscles. Next, lightly draw the spine as a straight line running down from the ribs. At the end, sketch in the hip area as a circle.

Human Body From The Waist Down Manga Body Profile

Connect the ribs and the hips. Notice the navel is close to the narrowest part of the waist. Begin the upper arms with two sausage shapes. The elbows will end about waist level.

When drawing the forearm, ■ allow the upper part to bulge a bit. It may be helpful to sketch in a small oval for this purpose. Also add a small oval at the end of the arm to begin the hand.

How Draw Human Body Cartoon

5 Define the hand a bit more by starting with a mitten shape. Next work in the thighs as two large sausage shapes. The small circles at the ends are, of course, the kneecaps, and they will give you an idea of where the knees will bend.

6 Extend the lower legs just as you did the arms. If it helped making those small ovals before, use them again to show the calf muscles. Two small circles at the ends of the legs give shape to the ankles. Use them as a guide when pivoting the feet, which you'll add last.

Body, Three-Quarter View

Drawing in three-quarter view lets the viewer interpret both the front and the side. Usually when you look at someone, you don't see him or her directly from the front or directly from the side, so the three-quarter view gives the viewer a better sense that the subject is in real space. In other words, it is more natural.

Line Drawings Human Body Front And BackHuman Body Cartoon Manga Drawing Human Body Cartoon Manga Drawing

Draw the head, and slope the neck down into the shoulders. To better visualize how the rib cage sits, as before, sketch a line across where the clavicle will be. Add the rib cage, making sure it is tilted slightly backward.

Lightly draw the spine for reference. See how it curves around 'the back of the rib cage, turns in at the waist and makes a final curve around the back of the hips? While we're at it, sketch in the hip area as a circle. If you're making a female body, wider hips are better.

Connect the hips and rib cage, and then add the arms.

Manga Legs

Begin the legs with two sausage .shaped thighs. Don't forget to use the kneecaps to define the lower halves of the legs.

Since this is a female body, I'll give you a word on drawing breasts. Keep in mind that breasts are not part of the musculature. They are lumps of tissue that actually sit over top of the pectoral muscles.

Body, Profile

If you were able to get through drawing faces in profile, the rest of the body should be easy. I almost never draw a figure in direct profile. Usually I turn the body ever so slightly toward or away from the viewer. This results in a more natural-looking pose.

Female Tissue Over RibcageProportions Humanbody Profile

Draw a slanted oval rib cage below the neck. Then add a spine that curves in and out again.

Draw a circle for the hips at the bottom of the spine, and a smaller circle at the shoulder to start the

A curved line from ribs to hips forms the stomach. Next, finish the forearm.

upper arm.

Human Body Cartoon

Body Types

Although most every human body has essentially the same parts, not every person has the same build. The anatomy may be the same, but there are differences in size and proportion across various body types.

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