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Creating figures that seem to move through space will bring far more interest to your drawings. The human body can bend and stretch itself into many different positions, so there can be no step-by-step method to cover them all. Your best bet is to study how the body moves by observing actual people. Make quick sketches of anyone performing some task or sitting in some position. While doing so, keep in mind what you know about the anatomy of the body. Here are some examples for you.


The contrapposto pose originated in the classical Creek period, and carried over to the Renaissance. Perhaps the most famous example of this is Michelangelo's David.

The contrapposto pose originated in the classical Creek period, and carried over to the Renaissance. Perhaps the most famous example of this is Michelangelo's David.

Contrapposto Pose WomenDynamic Hand Drawings


This woman appears to be in mid-leap. Notice the graceful curve that starts at the tip of her right hand and runs down her arm, waist, hips and right leg.

Drawing Hand And Arms

aV Ji

aV Ji

Dynamic Figure Drawing Poses


Here, again, it's all about balance. The feet are pulled together in the middle, and the head is directly above them. With the rear end hanging out behind the feet, the chest must lean forward to compensate. The right hand touches the floor to account for the narrow base created by the feet being so close together.

Manga Body Walking

Natural Walk

If you want a figure on the move, remember that, in a natural walk, when the right leg comes forward, the right arm swings backward. The arm swings forward again as the right leg goes back.

Manga Drawing


What a character wears and carries says a lot about him, and, like hairstyle, the sky is the limit. Get inspired from the folks you see on the street or draw completely from the wildest depths of your imagination. In this chapter, you'll discover the details that help make a character unique. First you'll learn the tips and tricks of construction, and then I'll show you how to pull different outfits and accessories together to create specific character types.

Drawing a T-Shirt

All the different types of shirts that exist would fill another book, so let's look at one of the most basic forms, the T-shirt. Spread flat on the floor, the T-shirt, with its armlets stretched outward, resembles a letter T, hence the name. Now few people go around walking with their arms stretched out. It makes doors a problem. So let's see what happens when we stuff a body up in there.

Basic T-Shirt

Manga Woman Drawing

^^ Keep in mind that the body on I the page represents a solid 3-D form, and that clothing drapes over and around that form, conforming to its shape.

Drawing Anime Clothes Shirt Collar Necklace Sketch

2 The collar of a T-shirt is a good example of this conformity. Drape it around the shoulders much as you would a necklace. Make the sleeve a flexible tube that hangs down around the arm.

Armpit Pencil Drawing

Usually, when fabric bends it buckles. You can show this in your drawing with lines leading away from the bend. Notice the buckling here at the armpit and across the chest.

When drawing any loose-fitting clothing, consider how gravity affects it.

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