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Basic Drawing Instruction Picture

This is the perfect starting point for beginning artists to learn how to capture the style and dynamics of Manga art. Over fifty basic lessons, using step-by-step instructions, on how to draw characters and scenes are included, as well as tips for improving your work. Also sidebars on Japanese terms, traditions and character types help you keep your work authentic! This is the one book you must have on the hottest art form in comics today! ISBN-13: 978-1-58180-534-5, ISBN-10:1-58180-534-9, Paperback, 128 pages, #32888

Draw superheroes and other characters with this illustrated guide. Go up, up and away with your art learning to create the most popular themes in comics today. David Okum teaches you to draw a variety of characters starting with the basics of heads and faces, taking you up to figures, proportions and dynamic poses. You'll learn to draw settings and vehicles, including spaceships, gadgets, armor and more. Whether you want to draw your characters in cool poses or explore visual storytelling, you'll find it right here! ISBN-13: 978-1-58180-559-8, ISBN-10:1-58180-559-4, Paperback, 128 pages, #33015

Impact Manga

Over 50 quick lessons with step by step instructions for drawing people, creatures, places and backgrounds. Lea Hernandez is one of manga's most popular artists and this book is filled with hundreds of her illustrations that will inspire you to draw your own comics. Perfect for beginning and advanced artists.

ISBN-13: 978-1-58180-572-7, ISBN-10:1-58180-572-1, Paperback, 112 pages, #33029

Manga Monster Madness

You'll love drawing the outrageous monsters lurking in Manga Monster Madness. There's no need to fear putting your pencil to paper with 50 easy-to-follow lessons for drawing everything from aliens and mutants to the supernatural. Get tips and advice on drawing basics like color theory, shading and anatomy. Read the fun sidebars listing each monster's name, origin and legend. This book will teach you everything from basic drawing skills to achieving a cutting-edge manga look.

ISBN-13: 978-1-58180-606-9, ISBN-10:1-58180-606-X, Paperback, 128 pages, #33164

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