Chibi Style

Not all manga characters are drawn with realistic proportions. Another popular style within the manga tradition is the chibi (chee-bee). The word itself means small or cute, and that's how these characters look. A chibi is short with a small body and large head. Simplified details and abnormally large eyes enhance their cuteness.

Note that the female neck is slender, while the male's is wider— almost as wide as the head. The female is, overall, more delicate-looking, and the male musculature seems more defined.

The female form is best defined by round curves.

The female form is best defined by round curves.

Female Manga

The male form is more angular

Males generally are taller than females.

The male body is triangular in shape, with a broad chest and shoulders.

The female body usually has an hourglass shape, with the hips being, proportionally wider

The male form is more angular

The male body is triangular in shape, with a broad chest and shoulders.

Males generally are taller than females.

The female body usually has an hourglass shape, with the hips being, proportionally wider

Chibi Face Shapes Figure Drawing Male Chest DrawingTriangular Shaped Body MaleFigure Drawing Male Chest Drawing

Older Person Children

An older person may appear shrunken or hunched. Young children have much larger heads in proNotice that the nose and ears are quite large, portion to their bodies. The younger the child is, since these parts never stop growing through the greater the difference. one's lifetime.

Big Guys

Adding poundage to a figure may be as easy as creating stockier limbs and a round gut.

How Draw Chibi Bodies


Also called super-deformed, the chibi typically stands two to three heads tall. When drawing the head, the jaw line and chin should not drop down too far. This way you will have a more circular head rather than an egg-shaped one. Remember to keep the features simple. The eyes are quite large, but the nose is practically nonexistent. As for the body, the chest and hip areas seem fused together, with the torso tapering in toward the bottom. Arms and legs, too, get drawn with a taper, while the hands and feet become very simplified shapes.



You can draw hands in countless positions and angles. Practice drawing a basic hand, and then try to find some illustrated examples of other hand positions. If you can't find an example of a specific position, have someone hand model for you, or use your own.

Draw a small circle at the end of the arm.

Hands Fingers Design

2 Sketch in the segments of the four fingers as simple lines. Depending on the positions of the fingers and your point of view, it also can be good to block in the hand as a larger shape like a mitten.

Worried Chibi Base

When you are happy with the finger configuration, flesh them out.

Baseof Manga

Draw a rough circle at the base of the index finger; this serves as the pivoting point for the thumb. Add the thumb just as you added the other fingers.

Chibi Bodie


People have a fear of drawing feet, so they find ways to hide them, like having their subject stand in tall grass. There is really nothing to worry about—just think of feet as simple shapes.

Simple Manga Chibis

Begin with a small circle at the end of the leg. The foot will pivot here at the ankle.

, Add a rounded L shape below the ankle for the heel. In the front, the foot slopes down to the floor. Use a ' narrow plane as a reference. The wedge shape of the foot should be apparent now.

Thin Rectangular Heel

In the bottom corner of the rectangular plane, draw the big toe. Next complete the instep between toe and heel.

Breast Proportions Drawing

4 Finally, add each of the remaining toes. Notice, from this position, that the toes appear to be curving away. Take care that they do not end up looking all the same length or in a straight line across the front of the foot.

Manga Female Nose

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