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For now, if you have at least a pencil and paper, we can get ourselves ready to work. First, I'll ask you to consider the following tips for making the experience a pleasant and fruitful one.

Some people say artists must suffer for their work; nevertheless, your own comfort plays a critical role in the production of good art. This means finding the right environment in which to work. You will need to draw on a sturdy, flat surface. Some artists prefer to work on a surface that tilts toward them. You can find a drawing board or art table like this in any art supply store, but your kitchen table or coffee table may suit you just as well. It's all about feeling comfortable. This comfort

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also extends to your eyes. Having to strain to see the details of your drawing certainly isn't beneficial, so that makes working in a well-lit area a must. One other part of your environment worth considering is what you can hear. Try to reduce noisy distractions, or play some of your favorite music. Listening to an inspiring tune can do wonders for your creativity!

When you are actually drawing, try to think about how you make your lines. Stay loose, and keep a light touch in the beginning of each drawing. Don't think that the first marks you make on the page have to be permanent. Your grade school teacher probably taught you the same thing when you learned to write. I remember we practiced making ovals and sweeping lines in penmanship class. The same is true here. If you are a raw beginner, I suggest spending time just tracing some of the examples

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i in this book. This will train your hand to make the necessary movements needed for this particular type of drawing.

Last, but not least, be observant. In the same way that a writer must continually read to improve his craft, so too must a visual artist look at other art. So watch your cartoons and read your comic books, and do so with an artist's eye.

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Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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