The scenery in the establishing shot should have a signaling effect saying the scene has changed.

With each scene you want to have at least one establishing shot frame. The scenery in the establishing shot should not simply be buildings, streets or nature. Try devising various set-ups more like the establishing shot from the second frame in the previous example.

Showing the students at the school saying "good morning' back and forth conveys the situation well. Consider little directional poims like this too.

* previous scene

< next scene

Whenever there is a change in setting or something has happened, the full scene shot is a composition you will surely want to use.

Midwyy through the page if the previous scene ends, insert an establishing shot to give continuity to tho next scene.

Close-ups are reserved for things difficult to explain with a small drawing.

If at most you follow these rules to a bare minimum, you will be able to compose easily understandable drawings.

First, start off with a full scene shot to:

★ explain the positional relationship of the characters

★ show character movement from place to place

★ show when the setting has changed.

Considering the Visual Direction of Establishing Shots

Think a bit about the d irection of the establishing shot and explain the situation at hand.

Rir example, If you want to draw a picture showing the arrival" of students to school. |ust showing the building fces not convey the situation. Something is missing.

Moving Characters on the Page

Movement in manga means that the characters and animals look like they are moving in a single picture. This can be fundamentally accomplished with simple management lines, speed lines and a method of using of afterimages called 'obake' in Japanese.

' Obake' is a method for expressing the speed of movement by deforming the afterimage.

' Obake' is a method for expressing the speed of movement by deforming the afterimage.

Manga Techniques Lines

allows the reader to imaginp things like the force.

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