There is a wide variety ot composition movement out there. Try studying your favorite manga stories and films.

The idea of movement can be conveyed by moving the frame and using written lnxt. in this case, show ng the emotion in tne girl's face lets '.he viewer magine the terrible nature of the fight.

Manga Space

•Mien you read manga, you will notce that even ihojgh t-iere is a great deal of white apace - 'ychaku; ir Japanese In some wûrks Hie composition is balances arc the use of white space is a skill« I technique.

Balancing the Composition I


•Mien you read manga, you will notce that even ihojgh t-iere is a great deal of white apace - 'ychaku; ir Japanese In some wûrks Hie composition is balances arc the use of white space is a skill« I technique.


Manga Space

While this can depend on th e sryie of the work. th3 real reason is that the three-point (triangular) partitioning skirled.

Take a look at the following drawings. The first drawing is strangely unstable.

When a picture frame is added to accent the white space, now the drawing looks stable.

Stability can be achieved oy forming a triangle like in the following drawing. This is three-point partitioning.

Put more simply, it is a method for adding stability by accenting white areas. All you have to do is to add things like the dialogue balloon, clouds and tree branches in the following drawings. This is enough to make the drawing look more stable. Three-point partitioning is at most just a basic rule. Don't worry about it too much and try to keep your drawings from becoming too confused.

example 1

example 3

example 2

Frame Structure in a | Spread Layout

No matter how good the story is or beautiful the pictures are, if the frame allotment is not good, the work will loose its appeal

throat - 'nodo' in Japanese

Since frame allotment is one technique for skillfully displaying the drawings, I'll teach you properly.

The size of the layout of the drawings and frames in figure 1 are all the same and too monotonous. Consider using a variety of close-up and long shots, big and small frames and blocked off frames. These elements bring the frame allotment to life in figure 2. One basic rule is to avoid similar layouts on adjoin ng pages.

throat - 'nodo' in Japanese

Be sure and avoid placing blocked frames on the throat of the page. If you can't avoid it, do not include dialogue balloons and other areas you want to display on the throat. Too much text is not good. Even if exposition is required, try to keep it to a minimum.

Japanese manga magazines close on the left.

Wowl Tbl© is cool


Based on your script, surely there are pages that won't work out like this,

• showing the results.

Ideally.. Position 0 : is For placing j pictures that make :the reader want to' :read more.

but try your best to include frame allotment that makes readers want more.

Regardless, place the drawing you want to show off most in position B when Japanese

Japanese manga magazines close on the left.

Maybe it's the right to left nature of Japanese or the way people hold manga ; no one knows trie real reason.


This can affect the impact of each page and the overall work.

Wowl Tbl© is cool


Doesn't anything else come to mind?


that is absolutely true but...

What I really want is something that hooks the reader from the start.

Mr. A. publishing company / manga editor I

»- does not have to be shown. For example, characters gossiping about the main character is enough to give existence.

First ot all, the following must be conveyed to the reader: who is the main character, what is the setting and world.

As a general rule, the main character appears in the beginning;

Getting the Story Rolling _

The introduction is the 'hook' of your story. Try getting the story rolling with the script and visuals (including frame allotment).

Ideally, it is best to think of this as a gratuity scene that catches the reader's eye


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Freehand Sketching An Introduction

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