Everyone knows that the best way to improve your drawing ability is to copy your favorite manga; however, without intentionally studying and understanding the ins-and-outs of manga and just frantically drawing pages on end as your method of study, you will make slow progress. This book is a technique book like no other, systematically designed to power-up your manga at an incredible speed by thoroughly introducing the secrets, winning tricks of the trade and essentials of drawing manga.

Just because you have studied the fundamentals .n "How to Draw MANGA: Volumes 1 and 2", it does not mean you have reached the end of the road in the 'way of manga'. This book teaches how to apply and practice these fundamentals when creating your own manga.

Regardless of your sex or age, from beginners who've just said to themselves, "Maybe I should try drawing manga," to those of you who have been studying manga for a long while now but have not made much progress and pros alike, for all of you, this book comes highly recommended.

Nate: Works retererrad In this took have beer recreated to Ik* like the original as best ¿is iwssible; tiowevar, due to the lack ot space, m some cases h works have been greatly reduced In size For further study ol mwe oanplBte details, vva recommend referrng to the works as published In their origirvJ torrrs.

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Note: The MANGA from P.7 to P.23 in this book are in their original layout. Please read from right to left.

Written and Drawn by Takehiko Matsumoto

All the manga characters that appear in this book are fictions. No identification with actual persons is intended or should be inferred.

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Manga Shade Techniques For Sketch

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About a funny guy! You know with gags. Yeah. gags...that's the ticket!


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