is also part of pr technique.

In this case, the boundary between the grsjnd and the house looks strange.

Draw shrubs, fences and the like to skillfully cheat the drawing.

Cheating difficult to draw or unstable areas

Adding thickness with a pen relates to thinking about shadows. By applying this, even in thin outlineo drawings, a stable drawing can be done with the assistance of the shadow.

Add thickness to bricks, block walls, tiles and the like.

Consider the thickness of objects._

or example, the frame of the windows and the ike can be drawn normally if ¡t is a large sized drawing; however, with small drawings, the majority of people will not be conscious of the thickness and the drawing will look flat. If lis not too extremely small, think of adding M in the sides .»here you want to give it some thickness and ftee-dimensionality.

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