Compiling Application and Practice

Table of Contents

The Aim of Volume 3

For Whom Comics are Drawn

Chapter 1 - How to Draw Interiors and Exteriors

Drawing Simple Objects

Putting Characters into Scenes and Drawing Backgrounds

A Word on Actual Living Spaces

Drawing Buildings

Background Checkpoints

Drawing Backgrounds from Photographs

Effective Management of Street Scenes

Special Edition: Using Black

Chapter 2 - How to Draw Machines

Drawing Machines

Drawing Cars

Drawing Motorcycles

Drawing Colossal, Complex Machines

Drawing Your Own Original Machines

More on Drawing Imaginary Machines


Chapter 3 - How to Draw Nature and Animals

Expressing Natural Objects

Expressing Trees and Grass

Expressing Rocks and Boulders

Expressing Oceans 71

Expressing Water 73

Expressing Clouds 75

Expressing Fire and Smoke 76

Expressing Explosions 78

Drawing Animals 80

Expressing Animals 80

Drawing Imaginary Animals 85

Special Edition: Using White 88

Arranging Natural Objects and Effects 90

Chapter 4 - How to Create a Short Story Manga 91

Creating a Short Story Manga 91

Limiting the Number of Characters 94

Short Story Themes - Keeping it Simple 99

Drawing an Original Work 100

Allotting Pages from the Script to the Manga 102

Getting the Right Number of Pages 103

Fundamental Frame Rules 104

Giving Characters Life 108

Moving Characters on the Page 108

Balancing the Composition 112

Frame Structure in a Spread Layout 114

Highlight Scenes 116

Getting the Story Rolling 117

Advice on Drawing Pages for Submission to Publishers 118

Methods to Becoming a Manga Artist 120

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