Advice on Drawing Pages for Submission to Publishers

Before handling the pages, be sure and wash your hands.

Remember to lay a piece of paper under the hand mat holds the pen.

Also, keeping oil off the page prevents penciled lines from being too light and getting dirty.

Draw large Japanese characters for with volume like loud

Japanese Manga PagesManga Drawing Tips


Draw dialogue balloons a little on the large side.

For youth magazine, leave space between the lines for phonetic readings of Japanese characters - 'fungana' in Japanese.

Draw large Japanese characters for with volume like loud screams.

The standard size of text in Japanese manga dialogue balloons is 0.5 cm by 0.5 cm(0.5cm is approx. 0.2 in.) per letter with about seven Japanese characters per line.

seven Japanese characters

Japanese Manga Pages

The representative fonts often used in Japanese manga are:

Antique Naaru D Minchoo Gothic

Use a balloon and lettering template (as shown below) if you have some uneasiness about the size of the characters or the space between the lines.

Gothic Lettering Pencil DrawingsManga Lettering Font

First, lay the tracing paper over the page.

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