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MM/ hen I first started drawing comics, I was pretty sure I understood how WW the system worked: 1 would draw all my art and word balloons within the borders of my 11-x-l 7-inch piece of bristol board and then send my stack of pages away to be printed. No problem! It wasn't until 1 first saw my work in a book that I realized I did something drastically wrong. Panels were cut off! Important pieces of art were nowhere to be seen! What happened?

It was then that 1 discovered terminology that would be vital if I ever wanted to see my artwork in print — terms such as bleed, trim, and safe area. Confusing? Totally! I had no idea that printing comics would be so... technical!

Fortunately for you, Manga Studio helps with this very important step as soon as you open a new document. In this chapter, I show you how to set up your pages so that you don't have to learn the hard way where your pages will be trimmed at the printer, and so on ... like I did.

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