Working with Selections and Selection Layers

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In This Chapter

Using the Marquee, lasso, and Magic Wand tools to create basic selections

Filling in, outlining, and deleting items within a selection

Creating and editing selection layer selections

Using Quick Select and Quick Mask functions In Manga Studio EX

Mi you're new to the world of digital art programs, you might be a bit con-m, fused when 1 mention the term selection tools. However, ask a veteran digital artist about the term, and you'll find out just how important (some would even say vital) selection tools can be to your work,

A staple of practically every art program on the market today, selection tools are deceptively simple: You use a selection tool to confine a specific area ol your canvas. It probably doesn't sound like much, until you find out what you can now do; namely, you can work within the selected area without worrying about ruining the rest of your work. Whether it's to add a subtle effect, fill in a sold color or screentone, or remove a piece of your drawing that just isn't working for you, only the area bound by the selection is affected. The more you use it, the more you find out how much of a timesaver it can be to your work (especially when you consider the alternative approach to filling in a section, which is to create a new layer, fill it with the color or tone, and then trim away the excess).

So, I'm sure I'll surprise no one reading this that Manga Studio includes many of the basic selection tools that other drawing programs have. (It's always good to go with what works, right?) However, Manga Studio includes an additional option that not many other art programs offer (if at all): the ability to save or create your selection on a specialized selection layer, which you can then use and reuse as many times as you want!

Piqued your curiosity yet?

In this chapter, I disciiss how to first work with the basic selection tools and functions that Manga Studio provides, as well as go over examples of how to work with them on the page. Then I explain how selection layers work and how you can use them to create new selections or convert existing ones (and then convert them back to selection areas on your page).

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