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Truth be told, there's nothing stopping you from using your tight pencil line art in place of inks. Some artists actually prefer using pencils, as they create a softer shade over the solid black of inks. A great example of a comic done with just pencils is Fred Gallagher's uber-popular webcomic, MegaTokyo (www. mega tokyo. com). If you look through some of the pages of my own webcomic (cheap plug warning), Chibi Cheerleaders From Outer Space (www. chibi cheerleaders. com), you'll also see many pages that are either pencil only or pencil with some grayscale shading. (Actually, there are pages of all of different styles as the story goes along. I like to experiment a lot.)

If you like the look of your pencils and are planning on coloring your work, I say go for it. However, there are a couple arguments towards using inks, at least when working on a black-and-white manga or comic:

is* Inks do create crisper, darker lines than pencils and may look better in the final print form (unless, of course, you're going for the rough look). Unless you've got tight pencil line art without any need for cleanup, consider inking for a more professional look.

v* If you're planning on screentoning your line art, consider that the pure black of the screentones may clash with the lighter shading of your pencils.

If you've scanned in your roughs or you drew them at a lower resolution, the pencils may not be crisp enough for print. In that case, you either have to repencil or ink at a higher resolution anyway.

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