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I'd love to meet the artist who can do his or her work without the need for an eraser, because I could certainly learn a thing or two from this superhuman. For the rest us, Manga Studio provides a wide variety of erasers. You access the Eraser tool in two ways:

Ic* On the Tools palette, select the Eraser tool, K On the keyboard, press E.

When you choose the Eraser tool, the mouse cursor changes to a small eraser icon when you hover it over the page. Then, just like the pencil tool, you just need to draw over the offending piece of art and watch it disappear forever (unless you want to Undo the erasing, of course)!

If you have a drawing tablet with an eraser tip, there's a third option for you: Just turn the pen over and erase away. Unlike the Eraser tool, which you can set to any size you need (1 explain how to do that in the next section), the size the eraser tip uses depends on the size of the drawing tool you're currently using. So, if you're using the pencil with a 0.5 mm tip, the eraser will also be 0.5 mm.

Pencils and erasers of alt shapes and sizes

While initially, it may look like there's only one size pencil and eraser to work with, you actually have a large selection to choose from! Manga Studio comes with a prebuilt selection of pencils and erasers to use, which you can select and tweak however you'd like. Taking into account the myriad options you can adjust, tweak, and modify, you have a near-infinite number of tools at your disposal. Try carrying that number of pencils and erasers around in your toolbox.

You can access the tool selections in two ways:

C On the Tools palette, click and hold your mouse on the Pencil or Eraser tool.

A menu appears with a selection of different sizes and styles for that tool. For tools such as the Pencil and Pen, the menu provides different tips you can choose to draw with. (Refer to Figure 5-8 to see the menu for the Pencil tool.) Just select your option from the list and draw (or erase) away.

f* Open the Tool Options palette (shown in Figure 5-9) by pressing F3 on your keyboard.

V Here's where you really get to have fun, as you tweak your tool settings as you see fit. Here are your options:

• Tool Settings Menu: Right at the top of the palette, you'll see the name of the tool you currently have selected. (For example, you may see Medium for the Pencil tool.) Click the name, and a dropdown list appears, like the one shown on the Tools palette, with your selection of pencils and erasers. Click the tool option you wish to use.

• Size: All the tool sizes in Manga Studio are measured in millimeters. You can enter the size you'd like to use in the Size text box, or you can click the black arrow and drag the slider that appears to select your desired size.

• Affect Display Size (Eraser Only): Selecting this option adjusts the size of the eraser, depending on how far you've zoomed in or out on the page. The further you zoom in, the smaller the eraser becomes, and vice versa.

If you're changing the Eraser settings, your options end here, but if you're changing the pencil settings, keep reading.

• In/Out: This option is very useful if you're drawing with a mouse or a tablet with no pressure sensitivity. These two options add a taper to the lines you draw at either the beginning (In) or end (Out). Enter the value you'd like for the tapered length in the text box. You can also click the black arrow and use the slider to select your desired taper length.

• Correction: Sometimes (especially when you're drawing from a smaller zoom size) you'll notice that the lines come out crooked or jittery as you draw. Selecting the Correction check box helps alleviate that problem by correcting the jitter. You can manually enter the amount of jitter correction in the Correction text box or use the slider to select your desired value.

• Opacity: This adjusts the transparency of your pencil lines. Enter the percentage you'd like to work at in the Opacity text box or use the slider to select your desired level.

To quickly adjust the size of your drawing tool, just click the [ (left square bracket) key to reduce it — or the ] (right square bracket) key to enlarge it. If that weren't enough, there are even more options to fine-tune your pencil and eraser, such as tweaking the pressure sensitivity, thickness, and angle of your drawing tool (covered in Chapter 14).

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