Whats the Big beat about Rulers

A problem I see with whatever straightedge tool that other drawing programs use is that all the lines created look exactly the same; about the only variation between lines is their length. There's usually no character to the simple, fixed-width lines drawn. 1 feel the idea of using a virtual ruler while working is a very big thing. It gives you that much more feeling like you're working with real-world tools in a virtual space because you can treat the rulers just like you would with the real thing. Actually, you can do even more with virtual rulers — you can squash, stretch, grow, and shrink them to fit your needs. Most importantly, you can create any type of line you want with virtual rulers. Dotted or dashed, thin or thick (or all of the above!), you have the control to create the lines you want on the page, instead of settling for the ones the program gives you.

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