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So you imported your image into Manga Studio, but things don't seem right when you view it on the page? The image size is completely wrong! And why is the color all gone? (That is, if your drawing was in color.) Or worse, why can't you see (or only barely see) the pencil work you just scanned in?! Check out Figure 5-2 — which is what I think would be a worst-case scenario.

It's okay. Your image is really there, and it's a cinch to tweak the settings so you can see your art, as well as resize, rotate, and position it so that you can get right to work.

Figure 5-2:

Ack! What's wrong with this picture?!

Figure 5-2:

Ack! What's wrong with this picture?!

I've included a sample image on the CD (look in the Author/Chapter 5 folder) so you can see what happens when you import an image larger than the page you're working on. It's a good way to practice and experiment with the various image properties and transformations.

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