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Manga Studio offers several options for importing your work into the program. The most direct method is to scan in your artwork.

Before you can scan anything, you need to let Manga Studio know where your scanner is. To do so, follow these steps:

1. From the main menu, choose File1-; Import1-.' Select TWAIN Device.

The Select Source dialog box opens with a selection of peripheral devices it believes could be your scanner. (See Figure 5-1.)

Figure 5-1:

The Select Source dialog box.

2. Select the device from the list and click the Select button.

Now you can scan in your art! Follow these steps to scan and import your artwork:

Figure 5-1:

The Select Source dialog box.



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1. From the main menu, choose File1 MmporKTWAIN. The scanning dialog box for your scanner appears.

2. Follow the directions for your particular scanner.

Each scanner has a different window for scanning and adjusting your image. As such, it's nearly impossible for me to possibly cover all of them. So, I simply suggest that you follow along with whatever your scanning program would like you to do.

3. Click the OK (or Scan) button when you're happy with the scan preview.

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